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Good radiodiagnostics is the key to effective modern dentistry.

Thanks to X-Ray imaging, a dentist can see tooth decay (dental caries, cavities) occurring under a filling, see crooked roots or hidden inflammations. During a dental check, we use a digital panoramatic X-Ray device, otherwise known as an Orthopantomograph, with the help of which the doctor gains access to an overview of the entire oral cavity. For more detailed diagnostics, we use intraoral imaging, which are capable of displaying greater details.


An Orthopantomogram (OPG) is a an X-ray image approximately 15x30 cm in size, offering a detailed image of bone tissue and surrounding structures of teeth, nasal cavity, jaw cavities and joints. On the Orthopantomogram, a doctor can identify disease or trauma related damage of bones, tooth decay and even the level of periodontal damage as a result of periodontal disease. At CMC, we operate a digital Orthopantomograph, therefore ensuring that our patients are subjected to much less radiation than the standard X-Ray machine.

Intraoral imaging

When the doctor needs even further detailed images of individual teeth, he/she takes intraoral images, through which one can better see defects in the oral cavity. By using this method, it is possible to detect hidden or very early stage tooth decay (dental caries).

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