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Canadian Medical Care
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Monday: 08:00 – 18:00
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Canadian Medical Care
Praha 5, U Trezorky 921/2

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Pharmacy Canadian Medical Care

Prague 4, V Parku 2308/8
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Mo – Fri: 7:30 – 18:30
  • Premium paediatric care and a high standard of professionalism

The paediatric outpatient clinic at Canadian Medical Care is a unique medical workplace that provides complex medical care of a high standard. We place emphasis primarily on professionalism, modern therapeutic procedures, a sensitive approach to child patients, respect for the individual requirements of children and parents and also premium services. In addition to our team of respected paediatricians and top quality medicines, we also offer a range of premium services such as minimal waiting times, ordering of appointments, continuous medical telephone service or home visits by a paediatrician.

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  • A respected paediatric team

Our paediatric team comprises a group of highly experienced and respected experts, who co-operate and share the latest knowledge in modern medicine. All of our experts are recognised specialists within a specific area of paediatrics. We have specialists in respiratory disorders, haemato-oncology or vaccination and travel medicine. The majority of paediatricians also have extensive experience from abroad. All of this makes our paediatrics department an entirely unique outpatient centre, which thanks to excellent internal co-operation is capable of treating even highly specific and demanding health complaints.

  • Our Pediatricians Are Available at All Three of Our Branches

Our paediatricians operate three locations: Prague 6, Prague 5 and Prague 4. In Prague 6 our paediatric clinic is located in the premises of the Veleslavín chateau, and in Prague 4 in the modern premises of the Chodov business centre. As of February 2017, pediatric care is also available at our new branch in Prague 5 – Jinonice at the modern Aviatica building complex. 

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  • Paediatric emergency service in and around Prague

Our paediatrician is available to you 24 hours a day by telephone. In case of necessity our paediatrician will advise you on any problem or visit you at home.

  • A sensitive approach of paediatricians and sufficient time for patients

A considerate and perceptive approach to the patient is exceptionally important for small children. As a result, at Canadian Medical Care we employ accommodating and friendly paediatricians who are skilled in dealing with children. Our paediatricians have a deep understanding of children's various fears and worries, and are capable of building a relationship with our youngest patients, based on trust. Parents will find an approach based on partnership and respect for the competences of parents. Our doctors are accustomed to providing parents with detailed information about their children's condition of health and the options for treatment. Another fundamental element of our care is ensuring that the doctor has sufficient time for communicating with the child patient and the parents. In case of requirement our doctors are able to advise parents on upbringing of children and on questions relating to the issue of parenthood.

  • A friendly environment

The environment at Canadian Medical Care is also adapted to the needs of children. Our waiting rooms and surgeries provide toys and an environment decorated in pleasant colours, and there is also children's playground at our branch in Prague 6.

  • A wide range of services, premium medical equipment

Canadian Medical Care naturally also provides a wide range of standard and premium preventive examinations. It is our endeavour to offer parents the broadest possible complex of paediatric care under one roof. For example, we perform CRP tests, which reduce the need for use of antibiotics, or outpatient measurement of bilirubin using a Bilicheck instrument as standard procedures. The examination is non-invasive, and saves children from having unnecessary injections or giving blood samples. In the comfort of our clinic we also offer mothers of newlyborn children an ultrasound hip scan, non-invasive and sensitive hearing examination (“otoacoustic emissions measurement”, which can even be performed during sleep) and a complex eye test for babies. In addition to a classic newlyborn examination, children can also undergo an undemanding examination on the entirely new Retinomax instrument. Our additional services include ear piercing.

  • An individual approach to vaccination

Every child is an individual, and it is important to recognise this in the approach to children's health. For this reason the paediatrics department of Canadian Medical Care is open to an individual approach to vaccination. Our doctors are capable of compiling an individual vaccination plan for children and are also able to propose the correct vaccinations for trips abroad. Our clients frequently travel to exotic locations with their children, and in our paediatric team we also employ an expert in travel medicine, so the clinic is able to respond even to highly specific vaccination requirements, and the majority of vaccination substances are immediately available at CMC.

  • Care of children's locomotor system – podology, orthopaedics, physiotherapy

Our classic paediatric care also links to complex and specialised care of children's locomotor systems. Our paediatricians co-operate closely with a podological consultant, who takes care of children's feet, and also with a specialised children's physiotherapist and orthopaedic surgeon. Parents thus find a team of experienced and co-operating experts under one roof, a relatively unique combination which saves parents a great deal of time and trouble.

  • Complex care of several specialists, co-operation with professional workplaces

In addition to the paediatric outpatient clinic, Canadian Medical Care also employs many more children's specialists, who share the same documentation and will take care of your children in the case of specific health problems. We have a children's ophthalmologist, a children's ear, nose and throat specialist, an excellent children's allergy specialist, dermatologist, urologist, neurologist or gastroenterologist available to you. Should an examination by an expert from specialised workplaces or even hospitalisation be required, Canadian Medical Care will ensure this via its network of co-operating doctors.

  • Lactation consultancy

Our specific services include care by a lactation consultant, who is able to assist women with problems in connection with breastfeeding and early motherhood. She regularly conducts home visits and is capable of providing support in several areas which may cause problems for new mothers. You can contact our lactation consultant preventively before childbirth, and she is naturally available to you during any problems with breastfeeding or care of newlyborns.

  • Mental health care, treatment of obesity

Our paediatricians also co-operate very closely with a psychologist, children's psychiatrist, speech therapist and nutrition specialist, i.e. with experts who are able to provide complex care for example of children with learning and attention disorders, eating disorders, speech defects etc.

  • Do you want to use our paediatric services at Canadian Medical Care?

To order please contact our call centre on tel. no. +420 235 360 133 or sent us a completed order form.

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