Canadian Medical Care
Praha 6, Veleslavínská 1/30

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Canadian Medical Care
Praha 4, V Parku 2308/8

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Monday: 08:00 – 18:00
Tuesday: 08:00 – 18:00
Wednesday: 08:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 08:00 – 18:00
Friday: 08:00 – 16:00

Canadian Medical Care
Praha 5, U Trezorky 921/2

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Monday: 8:00-12:00 12:30-18:00
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Pharmacy Canadian Medical Care

Prague 4, V Parku 2308/8
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Mo – Fri: 7:30 – 18:30


  • Premium gynaecological care and a high standard of professionalism

The gynaecological outpatient clinic at Canadian Medical Care provides classic gynaecological care and care in pregnancy and during childbirth. We place emphasis primarily on the high standard of our services, the professionalism of our doctors, a sensitive approach and respect for the individual requirements of our clients. Another entirely integral component of our offer is a premium approach, which covers ordering of appointments or organisation of the care of a midwife in a contractual maternity centre.

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  • A sensitive and accommodating approach

We consider sensitive and accommodating care and the good communication skills of our doctors with our clients to be the basis of good medicine. With regard to the fact that the majority of our clients are foreigners, we also understand cultural specifics which may require a high degree of sensitivity especially in gynaecological care.

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  • Gynaecology in Prague 4 and Prague 6

We provide our gynaecological services within a pleasant environment in two workplaces. The gynaecological surgery in Prague 6 is located in the historical building of a neo-baroque chateau, whilst the gynaecological outpatient clinic in Prague 4 is located in the modern premises of the Chodov business centre.

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  • Care during pregnancy and childbirth

The premium services of our gynaecological clinic include organisation of care during pregnancy and childbirth. Our pregnancy package offers not only gynaecological services, but also a stomatological examination, a number of visits to a physiotherapist and nutrition specialist, lactation consultancy and care upon childbirth, including childbirth with a leading Czech obstetrician in a contractual maternity centre. All examinations in pregnancy are conducted under one roof in the comfort of our clinic, sufficient time is provided for the examination and communication with the doctors, and in the case of problems pregnant mothers have a 24-hour telephone consultancy service with a gynaecological nurse at their disposal.

Should you require more detailed information about our pregnancy and childbirth care, see the detailed description of our services contained in our pregnancy programmes Materna I and Materna II>>> .

  • A respected gynaecological-midwifery team

Our gynaecological team comprises a group of highly experienced gynaecologists, who have several years of practice in one of the most highly respected maternity centres in Prague, and are recognised experts not only in the Czech Republic but on an international level. Each of our doctors is a recognised specialist in a certain specific field of gynaecology and midwifery. We have the best Czech obstetricians, specialists in problems with the pelvic floor, ultrasound diagnosis, gynaecological inflammations, disorders of the uterine suppository or urogynaecology. As a result we are able to provide a wide spectrum of gynaecological care of a high standard.

If you are interested in our offering of midwife service packages, please see the detailed description.

  • Co-operation with professional workplaces and other specialists

Canadian Medical Care is an outpatient facility offering a wide range of specialisations, which naturally also co-operate with gynaecology. In the case of inflammatory gynaecological disorders we frequently combine gynaecological care with immunology treatment. Our immunologist Dr. Sládková is a leading Czech specialist in chronic vaginal infections and infections of the urinary tracts. In the case of infertility or urogynaecological problems we utilise the services of our rehabilitation doctor Ingrid Janíková, who amongst other matters focuses on rehabilitation during pregnancy and after childbirth, and also specialises in problems of the pelvic floor, urinary incontinence and the treatment of functional sterilities. If an examination or treatment is necessary at any of the professional workplaces, or if hospitalisation is required, Canadian Medical Care shall ensure care via its network of co-operating doctors, and may also offer medical assistance during the course of hospitalisation.

  • Do you want to utilise our gynaecological care?

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To order please contact our call centre on tel. no.  +420 235 360 133 or send us a completed order form.

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