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Etonox Anesthetic Gas

If you are afraid of dentists or painful procedures, we have good news for you. As one of the first dental clinics in Prague to use the Etonox anesthetic gas, we can make your visit to the dentist considerably more comfortable and pleasing.

Inhalation of the so called “laughing gas” is a very simple and safe method of calming possible tooth pain but also limiting the possible stress and fear from a procedure. The patient inhales the gas with the help of a face mask and the gas absorbs itself into the body through the lungs. The effect is almost instantaneous. After approximately four to five inhalations, the patient experiences a pleasant feeling of relaxation and numbness, resulting in at most a very mild feeling of pain. The application of the gas itself is dependent on the patient’s needs – the patient has control over the effect of the gas. Each new inhalation strengthens the positive effects.

With very sensitive patients, this method can be safely combined with further methods of pain relief, for example through desensitizing injections. Etonox is safe to be used on children in pediatric dentistry as well. If the young patient is aware of the dentist’s instructions and is able to cooperate accordingly, the gas considerably helps in lowering stress.

The effects of the gas disappear in a very short time and the patient is capable of functioning perfectly within a matter of minutes. In thirty minutes or so, it is even safe to drive a car.

Are you interested in an even stronger means of combating pain during a dental procedure? We can offer you intravenous analgo-sedatives >>>

To order please contact our call centre on tel. no. 235 360 133 or sent us a completed order form.

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