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Children's Return to School: Should You Be Afraid?

Returning from holidays and children spending time among groups of other children often translates to parents feeling worried. This is not just due to increased risks of falling ill, but also due to stress associated with them returning to the school environment. Are these worries justified?

Our doctor, MUDr. Júlia Miklošová confirms that spending time among other children is a major test of the child's overall state of the immune system. When children return from holidays to preschools and schools, pediatricians' waiting rooms start filling up with increasing numbers of them suffering from angina, colds, influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, vomiting and smallpox.

According to our experienced doctor, the higher rate of infection is connected not only to returning to spending time within a group of children, but also stress which can be accompanied with as well. "Groups of children often suffer from many individuals being ill to various degrees, meaning that some can carry bacteria and viruses that do not hurt them. While these children may have antibodies to such infections, other children can easily fall ill from it. Stress which is sometimes associated with school also weakens the immune system and the entire organism is more likely to fall ill" explains MUDr. Júlia Miklošová.

You can strengthen the child's immune system right away. How can you go about it?

Before rejoining groups and spending time in preschools or schools, it is important to boost the immune system. For all children, this means appropriate physical activity but also adequate rest, a balanced diet and maintaining good body hygiene.

Physical activity means making sure that children do sports, i.e. to ensure sufficient physical activity on a daily basis. It is unsuitable for children to spend extended periods of time sitting in front of a computer, playing with a tablet or watching TV. Taking these in mind, it is important however to make sure children have enough time to rest. Do not forget that for well-being, both children and adults require adequate sleep.

The correct function of the immune system must be supported by a balanced diet. The family diet should include optimum amounts of vitamins, trace elements, beta fatty acids, fiber and seasonal fruit and vegetables. Products that are known to strengthen immunity can also be used as supplements. In addition, reducing the intake of sugar is also an important step as sugar is known to weaken the immune system. Finally, a balanced diet should also include a healthy drinking regime.

Last but not least, we need to ensure correct hygiene practices to ensure protection from infection and to maintain personal hygiene (i.e. automatically washing hands after using the toilet or prior to eating, correct usage of tissues by small children). According to the saying "Too much of something is never good", children should not be kept in sterile environments in the belief of making them safe. Systemic hardening of the child is also an option, but it must be done in line with the child's age and current health state.

Yet another means of protecting children can be achieved through vaccination. In addition, it is important to note that children who are ill or not yet fully recovered should not be in groups together with other children.

Get inspired: 10 hygiene tips (habits) for preschool children

  • Wash your hands - prior to eating, after using the toilet, whenever coming in from the outside.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice each day - even at a preschool, after lunch or prior to sleeping.
  • Take care of your clothes - make sure they are clean and you feel good in them (not too warm, not too cold), also make sure they are folded up in their own place.
  • Try to put shoes and clothes on and off by yourself.
  • Take care of the toys - make sure they are not damaged.
  • Maintain order around you, leave things where they belong.
  • Run, jump and move around.
  • Eat many vegetables and fruits - wash them before eating and chew it well.
  • Drink well. 
  • Make sure to rest after eating lunch.

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